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Ethernet connection, but can be upgraded to multiple gigabits, 10 gigabit, or even fiber optics by adding a EPIC-e network card. Also older parts might be limited to 10/100 megabit. In a since it really depends on the money spent for the speeds acquired. What is the capacity range? Again money comes into play when capacity range is figured in a NSA system, with port replication and add-on HAD controller cards there really is no limit to the size one could be.

Is there any fault tolerance (such as RAID) lilt into a NAS device? RAIDED is fairly stable if set up correctly, RAID 10 is thought to be one of the best set ups for fault tolerance since more drives can fail at once without data loss. Are management features available? It appears gutted Ox’s are used for management and are able to keep it simple for the administrators. Users would like to use a NSA if multiple computers are involved and many files are needed to be shared.

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