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There are three types of diabetes. Two of them are major. Type one is known as Juvenile Diabetes. It is where your pancreas is unable to produce insulin for your body. Juvenile Diabetes affects mainly young people such as children and young adults. People with type one must take insulin daily. (Type 1)The second type is known as Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder ensuing from the body’s failure to produce or appropriately use insulin.

It affects mostly adults. People may get Diabetes Mellitus by heredity or lifestyle choices. (Type 2) Gestational is the third type. Women who are pregnant tend to sometimes have this because when women are pregnant, hormonal changes cause your cells to be less responsive to insulin. It is also taken as a sign for women they may have Diabetes Mellitus later on. (Gestational Diabetes) People were first diagnosed with diabetes in the late fifteenth century.

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